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Miho Kinnas

Sugar dissolves—
Particles descend
and disappear

A flock of pigeons
stirs the dense air

I stir my tea
days and years disappear
another classmate passed on

She said the teaspoon left
in the cup was hot
ther-mal con-duc-tivi-ty
The class giggled how
she touched her earlobe for show

She left two young girls
How badly she must have
wanted to hold onto her earlobes

In Nanjing,
serving tea, a waitress

While balancing the tray
with her left arm
Her right index finger and thumb
reached for her earlobe

I touch my earlobe
to see if it heals
and I play
as sugar dissolves

Miho Kinnas, a Japanese poet, is a 2012 cohort of the City University of Hong Kong MFA program in Poetry. Her first book of poems, Today, Fish Only is due to be published in mid-2014 from Math Paper Press of Singapore. She now lives in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

ISSUE Three: Alertly Messy | next poem →

ISSUE THREE: Alertly Messy

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