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Obsolete Angers

Jacqueline Jules

Remember 8-Track tapes?
I used to own a milk crate full.
My father, the tightwad who refused
to fund a semester abroad,
lugged it up five flights
the day he moved me
into my last college dorm.

And floppy disks?
I bought a hundred on sale
the June my sister claimed Grandmaís pearls
thirty minutes after the funeral.
The 5 1/4 inch boxes sat
abandoned for years
beside a Betamax VCR.

After years of hoarding,
Iím pleased to say,
my attic is emptying out.
Iíve pitched the electric keys
used to type that scathing letter to Aunt Jill
and the Polaroid that snapped
so many pictures of Motherís frown.

Same goes for the slide projector
and the decision of who to exclude
from vacation slideshow parties.

Jacqueline Jules is the author of the poetry chapbooks, Field Trip to the Museum (Finishing Line Press) and Stronger Than Cleopatra (ELJ Publications). Her work has appeared in numerous publications including Killing the Angel, Imitation Fruit, Connecticut River Review, and Pirene's Fountain. She is also the author of two dozen books for young readers. Visit her online

ISSUE THREE: Alertly Messy | next poem →

ISSUE THREE: Alertly Messy

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