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Pyromanian I

Kris Hall

as a child I am sure that you were taught

that fire equals hot.

that fire equals ouch.

your mother, tapping welts into your wrists,
all for the sake of your permanence.

I can flick and switch through the widgets
of this static almanac, but for the life of me

I cannot remember my mother ever
teaching me how to play with it.

itís as if it is yesterday, and I am there
as if it were the day before;

my three-year-old cheeks are still warm
from the building, across the street, ablaze

razed and disintegrated

I was absorbed by its heat
cantering and crackling;

ephemeral destructor.

I didnít know that it could do that.
I didnít think that I would


Kris Hall is a writer and organizer from Seattle, WA. He is the curator for Daídaedal and SQUASH: Beats & Books. He is also the author of the chapbooks Notes for Xenos Vesparum (Shotgun Wedding) due this fall, and Dillinger on the Beach (Horse Less Press) forthcoming in the spring.

ISSUE THREE: Alertly Messy | next poem →

ISSUE THREE: Alertly Messy

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