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Funny How Time Slips Away

Jon-Michael Frank

oops     I canít find my    loved ones    alone     in a telephone
forever     thereís no unity like     weíre all     dire    weíre all
dying     the great     snowmen     of global warming     if only
some shit     didnít get     real     I could     explain these     termites
in my     heart     this shiny     anvil     on my back     what is the
enemy     if not     no meaning     a Hawaiian girl     quivering     in
the distance     a bag of quartz     hanging from     the gallows
letís batter     ourselves     on beauty     before fear    snaps its
final picture     of us     donít worry though     Iím carrying     a
boatload     of dynamite     right through     the dark     but why
are you yelling


Jon-Michael Frank has work published in Anti-, Banango Lit, Inter/rupture, and Sixth Finch, among others. A chapbook of poems is forthcoming from Birds LLC, and another chapbook, of comics, is being released by El Aleph Press in 2014. Jon-Michael is also an assistant editor for BIRDS, LLC and helps run a reading series in Austin, TX called Fun Party.

ISSUE THREE: Alertly Messy | next poem →

ISSUE THREE: Alertly Messy

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