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Poseidon's Canto

Elizabeth Kate Switaj

<damageSpan desc="water stained">
who among her uncles would not have fought our shadow
-brother for her
to carry her off? my chariot glints with suncapped waves
his with shadows
snakes of tongues roll growls and yelps in mouths of the beasts
I will not call them dogs
that drag his hearse and I have dolphins
whales   sharks
if I need them and of course sea horses who could carry for her
whatever I made
in her—I mean I could have taken him and would never
have needed to fool
dear sweet Kore into swallowing pearls, shed take my
seeds to press between her plump
and blow on them before quaffing them
with salt

before I was Uncle Sea and step-guardian of girls who tried to make her
keep her knees clean
she called me father and her daddy Zeus gave her
up to corpselord
and if those girls had run a little faster, risking grass stains on bleach, Id still have brought
my pitchfork
despite my brother-lords decree

Elizabeth Kate Switaj is a Liberal Arts Instructor at the College of the Marshall Islands and a Contributing Editor to Poets' Quarterly. She holds a Ph.D. in English from Queen's University Belfast and an M.F.A. in Poetics and Creative Writing from New College of California. Her first collection of poetry, Magdalene & the Mermaids, is published by Paper Kite Press.

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ISSUE THREE: Alertly Messy

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