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The Money Weapon

John Patsynski

The photographer
plays in the background

The sounds not so
strangely familiar

Horror spoken far
too often

Actual Night

The principal
form of universal time

Rust become chrome
Hyperfine frequency

Mood equals current

I am suddenly required
to obtain a poetic license

Danger is my middle finger

John Patsynski : Capricorn in Denver. B.A from Shimer College (Chicago/Oxford). MFA from Naropa University (Boulder). Curates zyxt journal & press. Some chapbooks are Simple Machines, Chaotic Neutral, Pop Magic! Some poems have appeared in Thought Crime, Morkville, Shampoo Poetry. Once dropped acid with Bernadette Mayer. Thurston is my co-pilot cat. Helen’s hand is ever in mine. “Poetry for everyone.”

ISSUE THREE: Alertly Messy | next poem →

ISSUE THREE: Alertly Messy

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