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no.22 (Whiteout)

David Brennan

In the sparrow’s mouth
                     salmon leapt sheaves of snow.

There was no faith left anywhere
except in the purely mathematical
models of socialism.

We waited for something without knowing for what. Units of time

revealed themselves as paintings of the homeless.

The snow formed a geographical presence,
filled with cold drifts the space

in our minds prepared
to accept the force of an impersonal death.

                     The bird

was either invisible or was totally surrounding the sky
from which the fish are dropped.

David Brennan's most recent book is If Beauty Has to Hide, forthcoming from Spuyten Duyvil. His poems and essays have appeared in BOAAT, Timber, Heavy Feather Review and elsewhere. He teaches at James Madison University.

ISSUE SEVENTEEN: My Salty Reels | next poem →


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