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Arielle Tipa

________ reads mobile tarots because she's afraid of getting a papercut. Always disregards her daily horoscope and is infallible to prophecy. She has the demeanor of spoiled milk and the complexion to suit it. Hisses back to every cat on the street. Always mistakes the letter A for the number 4. Always sells paint color samples to children in the back of her van in broad daylight. ________ disguises herself as a blind animal, saying her name is dog spelled backwards and a creamy synonym for dying. Always slices cake with rusted scissors and always ends up dropping her honeyed dates onto her thrift store carpets. ________ always ends up eating them anyway. She has oily roots and a temper, asking herself if she's even worthy of a shower.

Arielle Tipa is a writer and editor who lives near a haunted lake in New York. Her work has been published in Grimoire, (b)OINK, Alien Mouth, and is forthcoming in Ache. She currently runs Occulum, a literary journal of the unabashed and unorthodox. Find her on twitter at @ahhhrielle.

ISSUE SEVENTEEN: My Salty Reels | next poem →


Arielle Tipa

Lori Moseman Anderson
   life jacket made only of sleeves torn from cloaks

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   and only through walking do you arrive.