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beef steak

Evelína Kolářová

everytime you try to say those words to me I cannot help but to think
of beef steak with mashed potatoes
maybe I am never going to take your words seriously
not when your proclamations and allegations are disturbed by the smell of flesh
which is currently being thoroughly roasted in my mind
its smell takes over my thoughts and your words
are being perfectly covered by its fictional aroma
its crunchy crust
will forever throw a shade over you

Evelína Kolářová is a young artist from the Czech Republic. Her ambition now is to become a renowned author and publish a book of poems. Although a clichè in a way, she always looks for ways to change the world - and finds that the best way to do it is with her poems.

ISSUE SEVENTEEN: My Salty Reels | next poem →


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