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life jacket made only of sleeves torn from cloaks

Lori Moseman Anderson

Y collects dental detritus spit-shines
discarded wedges bloody matrix bands
to jazz up a sagging loop torn from life
jackets a tiny tooth ring pretends
to be a boom that sops oil spills scale
shifts rattle teeth crowns did you know
get irradiated more than tomatoes
Y wants to sew such radioactive
half-lives of porcelain molar caps onto
plastered canvas with beeswax-n-thread
if only toxicity could be contained
with textiles or text then collaboration
even if imaginary might freeY from buying
miles of irrigation tubing to cut-n-sell
as sacred hoops at pipeline roundups

Lori Moseman Anderson's latest poetry collections are Flash Mob (Spuyten Duyvil) and Light Each Pause (Spuyten Duyvil). Her collaboration with book artist Karen Pava Randall, Full Quiver, is available from Propolis Press. Double | Vigil, a poetic collaboration with Belle Gironda, is excerpted online in the journal Barzakh. Her VisPo recently appeared in, Opon, Posit, and The Volta. She founded and runs the press Stockport Flats

ISSUE SEVENTEEN: My Salty Reels | next poem →


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