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See Saw Margerie Daw

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick-Vrenios

so much
sick                                                                                                           deep cuts
                                                                                                Johnny shall have a new master
                                               fancy-dancy             t     "               rump
            cata-cut                                                  but
cu         t
             c        u         t
gut                                             trills                                                                    dolls
                                                                                                Johnny shall earn but a penny a day
                                                                      hacksaw             saw
                                                                               will                                               still
t,        rump
hungry                                                                                               hand
                                                                                    determined to miss
                                                                                                Because he can't work any faster

Erasure poem from article in The Week March 31, 2017

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick-Vrenios rresides in Bethesda, Maryland, and Mendocino, California. She maintains a vocal studio in Washington DC, and acts as a mentor and adjudicator to many opera companies and competitions. She is the past National President of the National Opera Association, Associate Director of the Crittenden Opera Studio, and Artistic Director of the Redwoods Opera Workshop in Mendocino, California. She is a Professor Emerita from American University, and has spent most of her life performing as singing artist across Europe and the United States. Well known for her interpretations of Contemporary music, she has premiered over 100 works, both in the US and abroad, many of them composed for her. Her prize-winning chapbook, Special Delivery, was published by Yellow Chair Press in the spring of 2016. She co-wrote the book Party Line under the name Elizabeth Kirkpatrick. Her poetry has been featured in numerous print anthologies and online journals.

ISSUE FIFTEEN: Lastly, My Seer | next poem →

ISSUE FIFTEEN: Lastly, My Seer

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