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Sandeep Kumar Mishra

Time smoothes rainbow hardness
Of tree basalt, vermillion jasper,
Silvery granite and pale feldspar
With the help of humdrum
But patient jeweller of tides;
Volcano-born, earthquake-quarried,
Heat-cracked, wind-carved,
Death shapes compact among the rocks;
It drifts light as a fractured bone
When the tide uncovers,
It blinks among the smashed shells,
Upset by gulls, bleached by salt and sun
The broken crockery of living things;
An eagle surveys from the upland,
Unsympathetic to the burdens
I have carried here;
The sea would not hug me, so I sit,
Hollow as driftwood, jumbled as pebbles

Sandeep Kumar Mishra is a writer, poet, and lecturer in Political Science and English Literature. Last year his work published in more than 50 national and international magazines. He has edited a collection of poems by various poets - Pearls (2002) and written a professional guidebook How to be (2016).

ISSUE FIFTEEN: Lastly, My Seer | next poem →

ISSUE FIFTEEN: Lastly, My Seer

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