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Digging Digits

Kathleen E. Krause

Into the fold
Goes my café ago

Cracking the rest
Against a wall

Of frocks in
Girl gold lipstick

I dig digits
Into the fire

Leaving one moment left
For hot seizures

Where I take a bad hand
Open its red tongue

For something wrong
Differently wrong  

Kathleen E. Krause was winner of Phoebe’s Greg Grummer Poetry Contest, chosen by Brenda Hillman. Her work has appeared in Agni, canwehaveourballback?, LIT, Lungfull!, Pennsylvania English, Salonika, Terra Incognita, The Four Way Reader #2, Provincetown Arts Magazine, and S/tick. Her chapbook, Broth, was published by Linear Arts. Kathleen graduated from the New School with an MFA in 1999.

ISSUE FIFTEEN: Lastly, My Seer

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