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Emily Dickinson Did Not Drive A Car

S. Ann Skiöld

Emily Dickinson did not drive
yet her longing like the evening
cut deep cobalt blue
and hue of red.

I do not drive.
I do not belong.

Late spring twilight
separates us from

Walking helps cool
the burning memory
of mercenary alms
never bestowed.

Emily Dickinson traveled
the world.
No one saw her.
The Mercury sank.

Mimesis became a cloak.

Cut glass snow,
Covers the tracks
Seen only by the

A driver with no car crashes
tearing the evening to
shreds of stars.

S. Ann Skiöld (nee Sweden) holds a BA in English Literature, MFA with honors in painting, MLIS in Library and Information Science, MA in English Language and some course work on a PhD in Interdisciplinary Art (Ohio University). She presently serves as the Fine Arts, Italian and Spanish Librarian at Syracuse University. She exhibits and sells her paintings with her poetry.

ISSUE TWO: Sly Early Stem | next poem →

ISSUE TWO: Sly Early Stem

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