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Apache Code Errors

Aimee A. Norton

201 created
200 OK
100 continue
200 OK

303 see other
302 found
303 see other
409 conflict

403 forbidden
520 origin error
402 payment required
413 too large

303 see other
405 not allowed
417 expectation failed
423 locked down

502 bad gateway
307 redirect
204 no content
205 reset

305 use proxy
422 unprocessable entity
426 upgrade required
409 conflict

415 unsupported
429 too many requests
416 not satisfiable
417 failed

306 switched proxy
444 no response
449 retry
511 authenticate

301 moved permanently
401 unauthorized
506 variant negotiates
523 declined

406 not acceptable
451 illegal
599 timeout (unknown)
424 failed dependency

496 no certificate
423 locked away
598 timeout
598 timeout

Aimee A. Norton is a research astronomer and poet. She works at Stanford University researching the Sun's magnetic fields. She enjoys the parallel ways in which physics and poetry compress big, experiential truths into small spaces. Her chapbook titled Permissions was published in The Drunken Boat, Winter 2013.

ISSUE TWO: Sly Early Stem | next poem →

ISSUE TWO: Sly Early Stem

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