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A Wolf Stalks Amongst Her Sunflowers

Stepy Kamei

She snarks amongst the cornflowers
And you take it like a real Marlboro Man; so righteous in your passion for passivity.
You traversed half-Earth’s hen and plucked back to her clucking castaway tongue; chuckling so you may nod about her nightly.

She suppressed her sour mood through sweet marigold mass, captured in the lens between her glasses.
What beautiful, stunning display of gorgeous Earth’s glory she canvased—
Then significance unfurled like a gargoyle slamming its grey face
Onto odd cathedrals—
Not a gypsy, but grizzled gargantuan fear, which birthed

A warranted response to run from your clacking thumb tips:

Stepy Kamei is a freelance writer, actress, and comedienne living in Los Angeles. She holds a B.A. in Linguistics from San Francisco State University, and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Calamus Journal, Gyroscope Review, The Bookends Review, and Crab Fat Magazine. Tweet to her @stepykamei.

ISSUE SIXTEEN: Realmy Styles | next poem →

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