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assembly of god

Kimberly Prijatel

after the shift
he found codeine-certainty every night.
every night
swirled us like a turnpike
he drained.
auctioning enzymes out of abnormality.
ambulatory hinges
blunted along the chapel landscapes

the distances between.
speech grew limp they were
dead highways of synapses
they were.
numb wrists
they were.
screaming cosmically,
like in the old sanctuary we
feared years ago
where you were
living and
the phantoms shot up like dust

Kimberly Prijatel is a graduate student studying public policy at Ohio State University. She's from Cleveland originally, but considers New Mexico home. She's been published in Storm Cellar, Devilfish Review, Synapse and others.

ISSUE SIXTEEN: Realmy Styles | next poem →

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