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X and Y Axes of Charts Made About T's Lover (The Incident)

Laurel Radzieski


Length of time (in hours) it took neighbors (organized by age)

to note her disappearance


Length of time (in minutes) that individuals (arranged alphabetically) spent on the phone

discussing the suspected incident (graphed consecutively within a series of five days)


Area (in cubic feet) covered by members (divided by gender, listed by emotional proximity to

the "victim") of the search party


Number of posters (specifying her looks and nomenclature) per block (where a block is defined

as the space between two intersections)


The brutality rating (on a scale of one to ten, ten being the most gruesome) of the top ten rumors

that detailed possible explanations


Level of popularity of the top ten rumors (in ascending order), as determined by the number of

individuals who suspect each rumor to be true

Laurel Radzieski spends her nights in the theatre and her days writing and teaching. A recent MFA graduate of Goddard College, she is the Interim Director of Theatre at Keystone College, an actor for the Dietrich Children's Theatre and a Poetry Editor for Clockhouse. Her poems are forthcoming in Monster Fancy and The Same. She blogs at

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ISSUE FOUR: Sell A Mystery

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