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MicroGod Schism Song

Vincent Toro

Robot pilgrim colonic.     Illicit volt rot.
                  Motor imp. Six digit pin prick.
Sonic broom.   Scoop fool's gold from
                 slipshod mind pod.     Pick locks
of COBOL roosts. Phototrophic bliss,
                 Phonic distortion. Tin foil trolls
in Wifi torpor. Oblong X     Box flips
                 ribs into port prisons or sim
forts. Iris lit with Nook prisms. Whip two
                 million gig pistil. Piston shift
from groin to droid rods. Zip witch or whiz
                 kid. Proto-Snob incision. Toxic
pools of blown skin trips. Thin Fission
                 of word from window. Mint
condition torpor. Ion soot loops. Bit coin
                 cops kiss in Biochip grid lock.
Nitric worm hollow.     Info mortis.

Vincent Toro is a poet, playwright, and educator. He received his MFA in Poetry from Rutgers University. His poems have been published in Rattapallax, The Paterson Literary Review, Vallum, Bordersenses, Kweli Literary Journal, The Buenos Aires Review, and in the anthologies CHORUS, and The Waiting Room Reader 2. Vincent lives and teaches in The Bronx.

ISSUE FOUR: Sell A Mystery | next poem →

ISSUE FOUR: Sell A Mystery

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