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Entrance and Difference

Jesse Nissim

A family is not in charge
of a house The coffee is strong
the table is bluegreen glass
Green putty of the dimensional
Every maze has its hallway look-alike
Things gather under their empty shoes
when they're out It might be nice
to look through a fence and see another
fence looking through another one
For example my hall has a little door
It opens on the plumbing or I walked
all day in mechanical shoes

Jesse Nissim is the author of Day cracks between the bones of the foot (Furniture Press Books, forthcoming in 2015), Where They Would Never Be Invited (Black Radish Books, f orthcoming in 2016), as well as several chapbooks. Her poems have recently appeared in H-NGM-N, New American Writing, La Petite Zine, Women's Studies Quarterly, Shampoo and Spoon River Poetry Review.

ISSUE FOUR: Sell A Mystery | next poem →

ISSUE FOUR: Sell A Mystery

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