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Jesus Christ blends in, #2

Larry Thacker

Jesus Christ on a Netflix weekend binge, no shower for three days
Jesus Christ finally getting around to that autobiography
Jesus Christ thinks he attracts an inordinate number of mosquitoes
Jesus Christ asking for tea over coffee in sit-down restaurants
Jesus Christ hardly ever remembering an umbrella
Jesus Christ finding statistics suspicious
Jesus Christ gets nervous before his exam
Jesus Christ learning to quilt the "Devil’s Stitch"
Jesus Christ self-conscious about new hair cut looking a little early-Bieberish
Jesus Christ mourns Bowie
Jesus Christ getting cramped up after swimming too soon
Jesus Christ plays punk rock bass in his mom’s basement with friends
Jesus Christ changing his major - Again
Jesus Christ forgetting his password
Jesus Christ prank calling his best friends
Jesus Christ waking up with a little gout in his right big toe and regretting that bag of pork skins
Jesus Christ thinking today might be the day, but changing his mind. Lucky you.
Jesus Christ scratching off Kentucky Lottery tickets and leaving a mess
Jesus Christ shooshing someone in the library
Jesus Christ deciding “NeverTrump” pretty early on
Jesus Christ stopped watching the news sometime last year
Jesus Christ stepping out for a little while but remembering to ask if anyone wanted anything
Jesus Christ finally just settling

Larry D. Thacker Larry D. Thacker’s poetry is in over 150 publications, including Spillway, Still: The Journal, Valparaiso Poetry Review, Poetry South, The American Journal of Poetry, The Lake, Illuminations Literary Magazine, and Appalachian Heritage. His latest book is a full collection of poetry is entitled, Grave Robber Confessional. His MFA in poetry and fiction is earned from West Virginia Wesleyan College. Visit his website at:

ISSUE TWENTY ONE: Smaller, Yes, ty | next poem →

ISSUE TWENTY ONE: Smaller, Yes, ty

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