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K.E. Bazin

Man of Science—
He sees acutely.
He examines every crack.
Under his florescent light, all is exposed.

He speaks sharply, truthfully, unruly.
Always weighing, ever-tilling, never planting.
His will imposed.
She fades.

Man of Cloth—
He absorbs all pain.
Knowing, sowing, bestowing.
They— they turn away.
They move inward.
They build walls.
He speaks. He waits.
She sees.

Man of Music-
He feels all.
He moves air.
He moves soul.

They sway. They dance.
          They do.
He listens. He thinks.

Sophia whispers. She watches.
She plants. She feels.
She sighs.
They make of her what they will.
She hides.

Eris cheers.
Thetis takes note.

He talks softly.
He moves. He is.
He is wind. He is sky. He is Host.

He speaks through the poet.
He is calm.

But she— she is contained.
She has grown wild.

He talks softly, slowly, deliberately.

But she- she feels the fire within
And her thoughts burst forth uncontrolled-
They trickle down and burn

Politics cheers.
History takes note.

He talks softly.
He speaks precisely. Concisely.
He is patient. He is kind.

Her words- her words are caught—
Evolving, revolving, defusing.
Becoming —
Becoming embers.

Glowing. Warming. Lighting.
No longer scorching.

Science softens.
He remembers.
He remembers love.
He remembers hope.
He embraces.
He protects.

K.E. Bazin is a teacher, writer and photographer residing in North Dakota. She has a B.A. in Philosophy and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Education. She enjoys helping others find and boldly share their gifts with the world. This her first submission and publication. Her photography can be found at

ISSUE TWENTY ONE: Smaller, Yes, ty | ←first poem

ISSUE TWENTY ONE: Smaller, Yes, ty

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