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Consider the Machine

Daniel Ari

A) Assume the machine possesses
some minute fractional measure
of the soul of its creatrix.
B) Begin its automatic whirl.
C) Observe how all its procedures

execute in what seems a pure
ballet of physical science.
Mentionless variance accrues
and releases—the innocence
of physics plays on mechanics.

In its fraction of soul, a sense
of wobbling, a proto-tango,
quasi-Judo, or meta-dance,
physics pumping impish go-go
to some spiral of surrender.

D) Study the machine as it slows.
Its maker's friction makes it glow.

Daniel Ari's forthcoming book, One Way To Ask from Zoetic Press pairs poems in an original form called queron with art by 65 different artists. He has recently placed work in Poet's Market, Writer's Digest, carte blanche, McSweeney's, and many other venues. Besides writing, publishing, and performing poetry, Daniel leads creative writing sessions at his home in Richmond, California, and blogs sporadically at

ISSUE SIX: Smallest Eyry | next poem →

ISSUE SIX: Smallest Eyry

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