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Carly Greenberg

This is a tribute
to everyone
pulp fiction

sucker punch
how to play the game
what the game is about

a luck like poker
short film
no budget
it was just fun

kissing you
romeo and juliet
recommend owning one of these
bong water

built using pieces
using three M motors
think they're still drunk,

illusive interview
how to connect
think outside the virtual
sorry for an inconvenience

Carly Greenberg is a writer completing her English thesis at New College, Honors College of Florida. Her work has appeared in Cleaver Magazine and Metazen. When she is not putting the final touches on her theatrical adaptation of a Beat novel, she serves as a reader for the Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency and the assistant editor of reviews for Drunken Boat.

ISSUE SIX: Smallest Eyry | next poem →

ISSUE SIX: Smallest Eyry

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