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Sizzle and Chew

Terry Wolverton

I swallowed the feverish moon.
The moon that night was milk.
She swaddled me like smoke
until I fell through language.

I collected the river myths,
stupor of flow and storm,
liquid rising in warm
air, I burned in a desert bath.

I crackled the flesh landscape,
alone on the skin's turf.
To call my solar self,
I needed a wild century.

Terry Wolverton is the author of ten books of poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction, most recently Wounded World: lyric essays about our spiritual disquiet. She is the founder of Writers At Work, a creative writing studio in Los Angeles, and Affiliate Faculty in the MFA Writing Program at Antioch University Los Angeles.

ISSUE ONE: Trams Yell Yes! | next poem →

ISSUE ONE: Trams Yell Yes!

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