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Index Denied

Craig Kurtz

Sound the engine &
start your issues.
Information wants to be
punched in the face.
500 fonts of spray paint
per sunspot, updated.

Oedipal went
cannibal online.
About time.

Open your unexpected &
hot wire the sabotage.
Force quit the quotidian;
nattering nabobs, disperse.
This just in, graffiti
bugged the filament.

all monocle media.
Access resized.

Ready disengagement &
tune-up manumission.
Ham antennas befuddled
the handle. Subscriptions
went to eclipse, orbits
got insolvent.

Amateurs took
the pictures. Storm
the silos.

Craig Kurtz is an autistic 54-year old living at Twin Oaks Intentional Community where he writes poetry while simultaneously handcrafting hammocks. Recent work appears in BlazeVOX, decomP, Fat City Review, Harlequin Creature, IthacaLit, The Maynard, Otoliths, Petrichor Review, The Rampallian, Red Fez, Samzidat Literary Review & others.

ISSUE ONE: Trams Yell Yes! | next poem →

ISSUE ONE: Trams Yell Yes!

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