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Cathryn Cofell

To feel or exhibit Colin Firth
at an increasingly steady pace.
The heart with a buzz on.
The seduction of a bodice,
sound of a bodice ripping.
A gay bar in Sarasota, Fl.,
or the act of entering
said bar in Sarasota.

747 vibration, middle seat,
limited view of first class.
Migraine aura—
yellow, white, yellow, black.
Midnight, ocean, woman in freestyle,
great white rising.
The corpse of a mouth, as in:
her crown throbbed with abscess.

Middle school son, practicing
bass drum, Quad City Stomp.
The pum pum of his pulse
snugged against my shoulder,
my shoulder against his pulse.
Stripped away, the absence.

Cathryn Cofell of Appleton, Wisconsin is the author of Sister Satellite (Cowfeather Press) and six chapbooks, and performs her poems to the music of Obvious Dog on Lip. She serves on the WI Poet Laureate Commission and has helped launch Verse Wisconsin, the Fox Cities Book Festival and WFOP Chapbook Prize. Visit her at or on Twitter @CatCofell.

ISSUE FIVE: My Laser Style | ←first poem

ISSUE FIVE: My Laser Style

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