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Vanessa Couto Johnson

having a harbinger of evil is a poor choice
for beginning hobbyists

the retractability of tails and toes
is striking and not well-known

the ability to regenerate claws
is noticeable and immediately told of

the rice field is smaller and smaller
and work is sparse

the Internet has a well-earned reputation
encountered by this waving

locomotion to return home
to the bay or rainforest or fields

unaware of a secondary load
well-suited to the body

Vanessa Couto Johnson's chapbook Life of Francis was the winner of Gambling the Aisle's 2014 Chapbook Contest. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Blackbird, Qwerty, The Destroyer, BORT Quarterly, Two Serious Ladies, and elsewhere. She currently teaches at Texas State University, where she earned her MFA.

ISSUE FIVE: My Laser Style | next poem →

ISSUE FIVE: My Laser Style

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