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Gordon Blitz

Marking time
Hoarding numb emotions
Exchanging time capsules
Rushing through the newspaper
Holding back from volunteering
Saving the new Nordstrom shirt for
A special occasion
Walling up the hidden anger
Promising to masticate slowly
Agreeing to concentrate
Stop distracting texts
Halt E-mails
Discontinue Instagram
Break secret websites
Sojourn Facebook
Prevent Rotten Tomatoes and Metra-critic
From making my choices
Retire from obsessive habits
Rest my stage
Phase out cheap patterns
Mark off

Gordon Blitz has publications in Emeritus Chronicles (2019), Senior Stories WEHO (2019), and My Life Is Poetry (2008). He’s done standup at The Ruby in Hollywood. His Performances of his short stories at AKBAR are available on the Queer Slam podcast on I-Tunes. He was a contestant on “Hear My Story” that was featured on IMRU. His blog is .

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