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Divine Comics

David Gustavsen

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Art: Gustav Dore (1861). Speech bubbles: Bill Watterson (1996).

David Gustavsen has taken a break from his job as a squirrel taxi to attend library school in Indiana. His previous work has been published in Stone Canoe, Driftwood Press, and Zo Magazine. If you see him, please say hi.

ISSUE TWELVE: Slyly as Meter | next poem →

ISSUE TWELVE: Slyly as Meter

Izzy Leslie

Daniel Ari
   Fremont Street Deterrent
   First Block of Sutter
      (The City Can Bring Me Down)

   On Market (Second Thoughts
      on Saturday)

   Drumm Street

Jenni B. Baker
   This American Death I
   This American Death II
   This American Death III
   This American Death IV

Paul Siegell

Jessy Randall
   Do You Ever

A.M. O'Malley
   Everything Is Better In Summer
   It's Hard To Accept Help

Lori Anderson Moseman
    PAUSE: Stuck, The Last Pick-up Shtick
    PAUSE: The Interval Between Shadow
    PAUSE: The Intrinsic Corner

David Gustavsen
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