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Memory Riding Herd on My Heart

Karen Neuberg

Elaborately coiled   
           & almost cruel

from a distance that cannot 
           cannot be

touched, but flavors  
             & flashes

           desire all

twisted in the deep  
           solvent of longing

almost shy   
           as it pinions itself

stitched & pining  
           behaving as though

I am its guest 
           and not its host.

Karen Neuberg is the author of two chapbooks: Myself Taking Stage (Finishing Line Press) and Detailed Still (Poets Wear Prada). Recent poems appear in Fractal Literary Magazine, Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal, Prong & Posy, and Serving House Journal. She’s associate editor of the on-line poetry journal First Literary Review-East and lives in Brooklyn, NY. Links to more of her work can be found at

ISSUE TEN: Satyrs Yell "Me!" | next poem →

ISSUE TEN: Satyrs Yell "Me!"

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