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[posterior vitreous detachment]

Jill Khoury

                                                               decompress the
striations; reinstate
               the demesne


rapidest misshapen trouper
                                           carves space in
                                                                       the sanctum


                                rimed hives (trace errors)


I send
herons to the
                                                 spare some
                                                 reap others

Jill Khoury is interested in the intersection of poetry, visual art, gender, and disability. She edits Rogue Agent, a journal of embodied poetry and art, and has a chapbook Borrowed Bodies (Pudding House 2009) and a full-length collection, Suites for the Modern Dancer (Sundress 2016). She tweets @sundaygray, and you can find her on the web at

ISSUE SEVEN: May Sell Tyres | next poem →

ISSUE SEVEN: May Sell Tyres

Jill Khoury
   [posterior vitreous detachment]

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