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my bird/my body

Farah Ghafoor

the problem with me is that
I’m always crowing, crawling
to another person limbless
in ruin, their ashes
warm and achy.
give me a reflection and I’ll collage
it into my pupils, all gold
and glittering into the sun.
give me love and I’ll suck it
down to the nub of my soul,
a pipe-bomb heart
weighing down my wings.
every nest built for two
melts like baby fat to the wind,
dripping like diamonds
in the rough,
we worked so hard.
we worked so hard

but I didn’t realize that
we were both vultures.

Farah Ghafoor is a fifteen year old poet and a co-founder/editor at Sugar Rascals. She genuinely believes that she deserves a cat and expensive perfumes. Her work is published or forthcoming in Alexandria Quarterly, alien mouth, Whirlwind, Moonsick and elsewhere. Find her online at

ISSUE NINE: Y'all Reset My S | next poem →

ISSUE NINE: Y'all Reset My S

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