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Gators Packed Like Multinationals in Excelsior

KJ Hannah Greenberg

It’s never too late to clean out one’s core,
To jettison self-worship based on disdain,
Make kohlrabi salad spiced with raw garlic,
Take on properties of literary "field crops,"
Reject cyclically-picked bookstore "weeds."

Striking qualities thrive given difficult wraps.
Commonplace sentiments about individuals,
Also collective sharing of less than best efforts
Apropos frowzy suits, wacky ansibles, fluff,
Forms concatenations, torpedo the Internet.

Hatching after flight, people cheat themselves,
Urge impossibly rare specimens of space life,
At price points otherwise based on volume sales.
Denizens seek to blame their intrepid leaders,
Argue over dispersing cat food-like kindnesses.

Alternatively, they associate "returns to Earth"
With mean fledglings winging yonder, singing
Sky songs evoking: new communion tables,
Functionally transformative epigraphy, snails
From Southern Florida, windswept stretches.

Persons suffering lack of audience, gators packed
Like multinationals in excelsior, all quickly fade
Confronted with frustration across small moments,
Minutes left before halftime, gauze-like clothing
"Naturally" masking many displayed pudenduses.

Remember, pausing to replace scratched peepers,
Might eclipse flame plagues, destroy sub-camps,
Ruin post trauma phantasmagorias of empty tombs,
Persist in avoiding parking lots’ meager animations,
Unless shrewd folks unite against global nasties.

KJ Hannah Greenberg is basically the poet laureate of Really System.​

ISSUE FOURTEEN: La Mer Systyle | next poem →


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