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Review #12

Laurel Radzieski

Reading this book is like when someone
reaches out to smack you and you extend your hand
to take hold of the outstretched wrist, then stand,
wide-eyed at the truth of actually catching that limb
abbreviating motion, creating a new space between
yourself and another that was once aggression
but is now mild embarrassment and possibly a nervous
smile with teeth. The author mentions his penis a bit too.

Laurel Radzieski's debut poetry collection, Red Mother (NYQ Books, 2018), is a love story told from the perspective of a parasite. She earned her MFA at Goddard College. Laurel is a Poetry Editor for Clockhouse and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Golden Key, Riddled With Arrows, inkscrawl and other publications. Visit her online at

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