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William Repass

Please wait. Let them eat graham cracker “cheesecake.” No food or drink. Believe in the power of work. Please do not allow children to play on shelf and justice for all. Want to work? Your rights! Rick knew he had the influenza but he had a 9 am meeting so he pressed the up button. Banana sandwich? Register to ✓ote. Earn Center. Raise Cover. Lower Cover. Violators will be subject to immediate removal from the premises. Customer self-copier. Somethings are just better together. Like breakfast. Report changes. Customer survey drop box and justice for all.

William Repass lives in Pittsburgh, working as a projectionist and film librarian. His poems have appeared in, or are forthcoming from, Bennington Review, Denver Quarterly, Cabildo Quarterly, Hobart, and Small Po[r]tions.

ISSUE EIGHTEEN: Say Yes, Mr. Tell | ← first poem


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William Repass